What is an independent celebrant?

An independent celebrant is trained to write and deliver a bespoke, unique ceremony for all occasions, separating the legalities from the symbolic and personal.

By working with an independent celebrant there are no legal limitations; you can have your ceremony where you want and can include any elements of ritual you would like. You can include formal readings, have elements of religious faith (or none) or be light and humorous – all to reflect who you are.

It is growing in popularity in the UK and many other English speaking countries. Following the terrible experiences during COVID many couples are looking for small, intimate but meaningful ways to mark their special day – and to travel somewhere beautiful to do it!

Whilst none of us has a crystal ball it is looking likely that you could come here in August / September / October 2021 – how wonderful would that be?
** I can put a provisional date in the diary at any time – with no obligation. All booking fees refundable for 2021.

Can you marry us legally?

No – that has to be done by a registrar or equivalent in your home country. In the UK for example, to fulfil the legal requirements you only have to book a short ten minute meeting at the register office and make the prescribed declarations in front of two witnesses. You don’t have to exchange rings or do anything else to fulfil the legalities.

Most couples feel they like to do this bit before their ‘real’ ceremony and then commit properly in front of family and friends at their bespoke ceremony, where they can make their own meaningful vows together. But it can actually be done anytime.

I will present you with a presentation copy of your script as a keepsake.

How much does it all cost?

My bespoke service, from start to finish – including all meetings, planning, writing and delivery costs £650. (or equivalent in Euros / U S Dollars)

This is paid in three instalments;

This is to book the date in the diary. ** During 2021 this is totally refundable if COVID restrictions from governments apply
£250to release the first draft of the ceremony script
£250four weeks prior to the ceremony

What nationalities can you hold a ceremony for?

I offer my services to any couples wanting an English speaking celebrant for their wedding of vow renewal ceremony.

Do you offer same sex ceremonies?

I am fully inclusive and offer my services to all couples. I am more than happy to celebrate your day here.