How it works

As I am lucky enough to live in Montenegro, I am well placed to help you plan and design your special day; professionally and confidently.

Here you can read about the important steps we will take together to ensure your day is the very best it can be.


When you first get in touch we can book an initial consultation (no obligation chat via Zoom).

I will send a summary of our conversation and a short outline of what your ceremony might include.


Once you decide that Montenegro is where you want to have your big day, you will need to secure the date with me.

For an initial deposit of £150 that date will be yours.

Getting Creative

To make sure I understand you well and reflect your needs properly, I will send you each a questionnaire three months before the day. This way, I will find out the details of your story and what you want for your ceremony

First Draft

I will use all your lovely information to create a detailed ceremony – your story, readings, music, people attending and any other symbolic rituals you would like to include. You are free to email or call me during this process to add or change anything

Rehearsal in Montenegro

It is getting very exciting now. 

Depending on your travel plans we will arrange to have a rehearsal at your chosen venue one or two days before and make sure all the elements of the day are in place

Following the ceremony I will present you with a special copy of your script and certificate as a keepsake.